Building on extensive input from a diverse group of 72 senior marketing executives and CMOs in larger B2B firms, as well as 30 academic thought leaders, the B2B Leadership Board at ISBM recently completed its major exploration to help shape the B2B agenda in years to come.  What emerged is a rich picture of what’s on the minds of an accomplished group of B2B leaders – and the beginnings of a blueprint for what’s ahead.

In this webinar, Fred Wiersema will discuss key findings and insights, and provide thought-provoking perspectives on major challenges and opportunities we are facing in the B2B domain.
Among the topics covered will be:
  • The potent trends that are reshaping B2B marketplaces and make it imperative for us to search for next practices, rather than rely on best-practices of the present and past
  • B2B marketing being in a state of flux:  its expanding and changing roles, coupled with corporate expectations from marketing mounting
  • The pivotal importance of building stronger interfaces between marketing and other functions , and breaking down silos
  • Leveraging marketing’s knowledge of customers—its most significant asset—to align firms innovation and commercialization practices better with the opportunities of changing markets.
Webinar Information
Date Presented:
April 29, 2013 1:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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The B2B Agenda - What's on the Minds of Forward-Looking Executives?
Fred Wiersema
Customer Strategist and
Chair, B2B Leadership Board at ISBM-Penn State

Customer strategist Fred Wiersema is the Chair of the B2B Leadership Board and an ISBM Distinguished Fellow.  He is best known for his thought and practice leadership in the B2B field and as co-author of the global #1 best-seller, The Discipline of Market Leaders, and several other influential books with over a million copies in print in 18 languages. He is renowned as keynote speaker and for his work as senior adviser with executive teams in the world's leading companies.  His doctorate is from Harvard Business School.

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