Billions of dollars are lost every year from marketing plans that fail to get implemented properly.  The risks around implementation are high and the challenges are many.  To help overcome them, good marketing leaders need new knowledge, skills and tools. This book draws upon fresh research, new technology and decades of experience to help marketers improve their chances of success. We propose a simple marketing navigation system to help all businesses ensure their plan identifies the implementation risks and remains on course to deliver its targets.  This releases significant profits for the business and helps ensure it continues its journey to sustainable competitive success.

Implementing a marketing plan is one of the most perilous journeys that anyone can undertake. Our research suggests that over 60% of marketing plans fail to achieve their targets. Overall, there is more chance a marketing plan will fail than succeed.
This is a multi-billion dollar problem.  Across the Top 50 corporations of America, we estimate the total lost profits from poor implementation to be well over $50billion, four times the annual profits of Apple! Add to that the lost profits from the thousands of companies further down the ranking and repeat it for the other global regions and you can see this is a considerable global goldmine.

However, this is no easy route. If you are not armed with the right knowledge, skills and tools, then there is a good chance that your marketing plan will simply be dashed on the rocks of fate, like so many others before it. Your plan will be like a ship, sailing swiftly and blindly towards submerged rocks, uncharted icebergs and unforeseen storms, without any navigation aids to help you. 
This webinar will help you through the risky waters ahead. Based on their new book, Marketing Navigation, which draws upon decades of experience and in-depth case examples, the speakers will summarize how to get your plan implemented more successfully, making more profit more quickly as a result.

In this webinar you will learn

  • Tried-and-tested ideas from other professions that you can import and adapt easily for your implementation purposes
  • How you can use your existing marketing skills in new ways to get your plan in place
  • A simple but powerful tool that you can use to help ensure your plan is always on course and on schedule.  It will become your steering wheel and GPS for the journey ahead
  • The seven steps needed for successful implementation

You will also see what it takes to become a successful Strategy Implementation Leader. 
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January 15, 2013 11:00 AM Eastern
1 hour
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Marketing Navigation
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Edmund Bradford   [ view bio ]
Steve Erickson   [ view bio ]
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