Double Loop Marketing
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Christian Sarkar   [ view bio ]
WMVDouble Loop Marketing
Double Loop Marketing is an emerging online strategy. The "Double Loop" approach requires a company to first develop "mind share" by building a company sponsored site that offers genuinely useful information and advice to consumers in the subject matter areas most relevant to their products. This is the first loop of the firm's interaction with customers. Only after such a site achieves credibility among its community of visitors can the company, in the second loop of customer interaction, try to convert that "mind share" into "wallet share."

Double Loop Marketing can yield surprising results — often ten times the number of qualified sales leads generated by conventional advertising and marketing approaches.

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
October 11, 2006
Seminar Location:
Seminar Objectives
  • Where should you start: are you positioned in the right ecosystem?
  • What is "Double Loop Marketing?"
  • Who is using it: surprise, it's not just high-tech companies
  • How it's being used: case studies (B2B) from companies using "Double Loop Marketing."
  • The results: comparisons of effectiveness between traditional online advertising and double loop marketing
  • Barriers to execution: what separates success from failure?
  • It's not about technology: how blogs, RSS, and mobile applications play a role but are not the defining elements of "Double Loop Marketing"