Best Practices in Strategy Implementation
Best Practices in Strategy Implementation
George F. Brown   [ view bio ]
PDFISBM June 9, 2011 Ppt. Slides (1 Per Page)
PDFISBM June 9, 2011 Ppt. Slides (3 Per Page)
WMVBest Practices in Strategy Implementation
“Strong execution skills are a critical factor in driving revenues and profits.”  “Fewer than 10% of well formulated strategies are successfully executed.”  “By a very substantial margin, the two reasons cited as responsible for situations in which a new business model failed to deliver the hoped-for results were ‘Implementation process was poorly managed’  and ‘Internal resistance to the new business model’.

These messages are clear:  the successful organizations of the future will be ones that can effectively implement their business strategy.  And doing so is a challenge.  This webinar will focus on lessons learned from best practice organizations and experienced executives about how to ensure that implementation projects deliver results and rewards to shareholders.

Among the topics covered will be:
•    Creating a “Portrait of Success” to guide the implementation team
•    The basic tools for effective “blocking and tackling”
•    Key insights from experienced executives with a track record of success
•    Seven steps to success in managing business model changes
•    A “Top Ten” list of actionable recommendations to ensure success in complex implementation projects

The webinar leader, George F. Brown, Jr., is the CEO of Blue Canyon Partners, Inc. and the co-author of CoDestiny: Overcome Your Growth Challenges by Helping Your Customers Overcome Theirs (Austin, TX: Greenleaf Book Group Press, © 2010).

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
June 09, 2011