Earning Market-Share Gains & Price Premiums -- via value mapping
Earning Market-Share Gains & Price Premiums -- via value mapping
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WMVEarning Market-Share Gains and Price Premiums -- via value mapping
Bradley Gale’s book, Managing Customer Value – Creating Quality and Service that Customers Can See, introduced the discipline of customer-value management to the business community. People responsible for new product development, product-line positioning and management, price setting strategy, communicating fact-based value propositions, product marketing, and selling on performance and value, rather than price use the techniques he pioneered. His tools for value-based pricing help them to capture more of the added value that their premium products deliver to customers.

This webinar is for businesses that:
  • Are launching new products that will compete with already-in-market alternatives
  • Have a mission to gain market share, or are trying to stem market-share losses
  • Are earning below-par margins
  • Have objective, subjective, or survey based comparative performance measures, for your product and alternatives, on key supplier selection criteria used by customers

Who should participate?
The webinar is designed for business unit leaders and function heads responsible for:
  • New product development & launch
  • Product-line positioning & management
  • Price setting strategy
  • Fact-based value propositions and product marketing,
  • Consultative value-selling
You will learn how to:
  1. Assess the performance levels, prices, and relative value of your products 
  2. Understand the key differentiating attributes of your product
  3. Position your products for market-share gains
  4. Gauge the appropriate price premium for your top-performing products
  5. Prioritize ways to improve performance and become the preferred supplier
You will discover:
  1. What information you need for customer value analysis and mapping
  2. A structured process for pulling together all of the information -- on a single page!
  3. The core value mapping tools for developing successful product strategies and software to help business teams implement value-base product line positioning and price setting
  4. The customer value management discipline for making your BU teams more market driven, customer focused, competitor savvy, future oriented, and better aligned
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
September 26, 2012