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Collapse Getting it Right: How to Develop Customer-Centric Solutions
The results are in – B2B companies that are interested in successfully developing new solutions need to use a different methodology than they used in the past in developing new products.   There are major differences between products and solutions, and these differences come out in spades in the development process.

This webinar will be presented by Steve Hurley, Managing Director of Solutions Insights, Inc.  He will provide new insights that were gained through a recent benchmarking survey that the company conducted in collaboration with ISBM.   Look at the data, listen to “color commentary” that will help you interpret the data, and then benchmark your own processes against the 78 corporations that took the survey.

In addition to the survey results, Sumit Sood, the Practice Head for Retail Banking at Wipro Ltd., a global IT outsourcing company headquartered in India, will describe how he has had to customize their new offerings development processes to accommodate the unique aspects of solutions in their BPO practice.  Wipro, ranked 7th in the world for technology outsourcing, has successfully developed and sold new solutions for over a decade.

Solutions Insights, Inc. (SI) is a consulting and training company that helps B2B firms develop, market and sell solutions that provide tangible business value to customers through the integration of products, services and intellectual capital. SI’s client list includes leading firms in IT, telecom, industrial automation, manufacturing and professional service.

Formats Available: Live Webcast
Original Webinar Date: September 25, 2014
On-Demand Release Date: September 26, 2014
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Collapse ISBM Members Meeting September 2014 Summary Highlights

In this 1 hour webinar, we will  summarize key insights and highlights from the ISBM Member’s Meeting, "Linking Marketing, Sales, and Innovation To Drive Profitable Organic Growth."  Based on one of the key challenges identified by the ISBM B2B Leadership Board (including CMO's from Member firms and lead academic researchers), this meeting will focus on how to strengthen the working links across the marketing, sales, and innovation the processes in B2B firms. The B2B agenda, a report from the B2B Leadership Board, especially highlights the critical role of marketers in bringing understanding of market dynamics - as well as the real voice of the customer - to the processes by which new offerings are conceptualized, produced, and sold.

Case studies from Kimberly-Clark Professional, Dell, and 3M along with insights and direction from leading B2B academic researchers from Harvard, Penn State, the University of Houston, and Georgia State will help B2B marketers create common language, drive organizational realignment, and align and simplify processes to bring more efficient and effective new value creation to their firms.

Formats Available: Live Webcast
Original Webinar Date: October 06, 2014
MORE INFOMORE INFO ISBM Members Meeting September 2014 Summary Highlights
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