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Upcoming Live Webinars
Collapse Taking Innovation Through the Sales Force: Overcoming Barriers to Commercialization
Join us for a 1-hour webinar with ISBM Fellow Michael Ahearne, C.T. Bauer Professor of Marketing and Executive Director, Sales Excellence Institute, University of Houston.

New product launches are fraught with challenge for marketing and sales leaders. New products compete with existing offerings for the sales organization’s mind share and effort; especially when it comes to innovative new products, since they inherently require training, updated messaging, and customer education. Drawing on recent research, Michael will provide evidence that conventional approaches to new product selling are ineffective. Innovative new products often fail as a result of predictable ailments. In companies big and small, the sales force plays a critical role during the implementation stage of a new product launch. Michael's research suggests that the more innovative the product, the less time salespeople spend selling it, as counterintuitive as that may be. In addition, when salespeople do focus on new products during their interactions with customers, they talk rather than listen. In this talk, you will be exposed to new sales force management frameworks that have the potential to revamp new product launches in your organization. 

Michael’s book Selling Today: Partnering to Create Customer Value is the highest grossing professional selling textbook in the world, with copies being distributed in over forty countries.  He recently spoke at the ISBM Member’s Meeting and received very positive response. 

 Attendees had this to say about Michael's message:
  • Excellent presentation. Great insights on marketing communication for different selling styles.
  • I could have listened to him all day.
  • Really good presentation on how sales process is different between mature products and new products
  • Great insights into the execution. Little attention is paid by marketers.  Will act on this.
  • Love the idea of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sales call being more important and preparing for those.
Formats Available: Live Webcast
Original Webinar Date: January 26, 2015
On-Demand Release Date: January 27, 2015
MORE INFOMORE INFO Taking Innovation Through the Sales Force: Overcoming Barriers to Commercialization
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